Integrate Face Time

Integrate Face Time

Given the sheer volume of work we manage, for many their “to do” list drives their day. When you prioritize efficiency, it’s easy to lose sight of the value of face-to-face interactions. Email might be more efficient but it doesn’t have the benefit of connecting with others and often picking up valuable intel. Try these tips:

20 Minute Rule
We’ve all heard that standing up periodically is healthier than planting yourself at your desk all day. Take it a step further and plan an office walk at least once a day. You need a break anyway and exercise is proven to clear your head. Every 20 minutes, pick up a folder (if you feel you need an “excuse”), and take a walk. Use the bathroom on another floor. Stop by a colleague’s desk for a quick hello.

Mix It Up
We are creatures of habit and are often on automatic pilot. In order to keep your perspective fresh and enable yourself to see opportunities, take another route to/from work. It’s an easy way to give yourself visual and mental stimulation.

Set a Goal
For many of us, we can go days interacting only with our immediate team. While it’s great to be part of a team, it’s easy to lose perspective and limit your opportunities if you work only with a small group of people. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to get to know other people in your company. Set a goal for yourself, like saying “hi” to everyone in the elevator. Each week, introduce yourself to one person, or better yet, connect a teammate to someone new.

These tips are an easy way to give yourself a daily minibreak—and you never know what opportunities you’ll uncover.

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