What is Disruptive Drama?

Disruptive Drama (DD) costs you

Executives report that without DD their departments would be over


more successful

  • Disruptive Drama is workplace drama that gets in the way of effective problem-solving.
  • Disruptive dramatists consistently overreact and/or overexaggerate the importance of benign events and attempt to shift focus from business objectives to their agendas/themselves.
  • Common behaviors include petty complaints/blaming, overly emotional responses, lack of initiative/ownership, disrespecting others, and insubordination.
  • 71% report that DD takes focus away from business goals.
  • 58% say that DD makes their department less competitive/innovative.
  • 75% report that DD makes their team less effective/less efficient.

Executives report that weekly, they spend more than


of their time dealing with DD

Executives report that DD is on the rise


more than just 5 years ago

  • 75% report that DD causes unnecessary escalation of issues.
  • 63% report that DD makes it hard to keep and recruit good people.
  • 30% of junior execs report that DD makes them dread going to work & want to look for a new job.

Source: Our Corporate Life Workplace Drama Index, a nationwide quantitative survey developed in conjunction with Capitol One, 2/2018.

Using our proprietary OCL System we address disruptive drama by:

Improving senior leaders’ leadership skills through concentrated, one-on-one executive coaching

Working with your team to identify and remove obstacles that lead to disengagement, low productivity, and lack of innovation

Providing the resources, energy, commitment, and expertise to deliver real results