The Business Impact of Corporate Drama

Bad Behavior is Bad Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bad Behavior Infographic

Does your company belittle “soft skills”? If so, they’re setting themselves up for failure. Improving soft-skills among employees and management can dramatically impact the bottom line and significantly increase employee retention.

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The Bad Boss Cost [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bad Boss Cost Infographic

Bad bosses cost businesses big time. Not only do bad bosses destroy employee productivity, they are also a huge cause of voluntary termination, with 39% of people reporting that they actually left a job as a direct result of their boss. See for yourself exactly how poor leadership directly affects the bottom line.

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Happy Staff, Healthy Profits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Happy Staff, Healthy Profits Infographic

Thanks to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report, most executives are well aware of the concept of “engagement.” Employee engagement describes the amount of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels toward his/her job. An engaged employee is in it for more than a paycheck.

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Innovation & Profitability Killers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Innovation & Profitability Killers Infographic

Current business literature is rife with stories about the most innovative companies, company approaches, and company cultures. If you want to stay competitive, innovation is mandatory. What really kills innovation? The (lack of) self-awareness of your leaders.

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The Not-So-Secret Lives of Happy Workers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Not-So-Secret Lives of Happy Workers Infographic

Many people believe that happy workers lead to more profitable companies—after all why would Fortune track the 100 Best Companies to Work For if there wasn’t a financial benefit? It is a chicken vs egg scenario. Do successful companies treat people well because they have the resources or did they become successful because they treated people well?

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