Corporate Compass®

Problem Solving or Solving the Wrong Problem?


Corporate CompassWhen solving a difficult problem how you define the problem often is the problem. Perhaps that’s why someone else’s solution or “best practice” hasn’t helped.

Our approach expands the understanding of the issue to be solved in order to ensure that your effort goes into solving the right problem.

After you share your hypothesis regarding the issue and what you want to achieve, we gather input from different vantage points. Typically this includes:

  • Input from key stakeholders—often both internal and external
  • Review of pertinent data
  • Evaluation of resources as they’re currently deployed
  • Identification/analysis of the disruptive drama drivers at play in your specific situation

The Corporate Compass® provides a new perspective on your situation that in itself moves the team forward. It results in a clear path forward and includes recommendations on critical next steps and how they should be sequenced.

While every corporate engagement is unique, we always get results. For examples of specific projects we’ve done, check out our Case Studies.

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