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Is Disruptive Drama poisoning your workplace?

If you’ve tried leadership development courses, management training, or other consultants to address dysfunction, only to find your workplace problems returning, you’ve come to the right place.

Organizations We've Impacted

Key Times When Our Clients Call Us

  • the culture clash between change agents and legacy staffers is blocking forward movement.

  • you’re trying to save the culture that helped you grow from 30 people to 1,000.

  • staff turnover results in revenue bleed and an inability to deliver on SOW.

  • a mission-critical individual is self-sabotaging and you’ve run out of options.

  • internal politics & favoritism thwart a culture where staffers want to stay.

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We solve the problems no one wants to deal with.

Our Sweet Spot

Situations where:
  • one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing
  • people or companies are holding on to the past even when it no longer makes sense
  • people don’t get along and create chaos for their teams
  • people are working around people and problems rather than dealing with them
  • there are overlooked or undervalued talents
  • people are over communicating, under communicating, miscommunicating, trying to control communication

What Our Clients Say

Using our proprietary OCL System we address disruptive drama by:

Improving senior leaders’ leadership skills through concentrated, one-on-one executive coaching

Working with your team to identify and remove obstacles that lead to disengagement, low productivity, and lack of innovation

Providing the resources, energy, commitment, and expertise to deliver real results

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The Model Behind Our Track Record

Driving Proven Results

  • Are you wrestling with a tricky work situation?

  • Caught in the middle of a political minefield and feeling paralyzed?

  • Need a safe space to evaluate next steps?

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