Skill Specific Training

Leadership Skills LogoLeadership behaviors are often created in response to specific business challenges. This can result in high-potential leaders who are missing a discipline or have skills that need further development.

This action-focused engagement involves designing a strategy to fulfill the goal of attaining or developing specific leadership skills. Accountability and milestones are built into the actions the high-potential leader chooses to undertake. This process helps dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills, and unlocking their potential.

Consistent focus on the development area dramatically accelerates the acquisition of the needed skill(s). In this engagement the coach’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the client responsible and accountable

The length and structure of this engagement is dependent upon the specific skill(s) and variables present when the coaching engagement begins.

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