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Our Corporate Life is a leadership development organization that focuses on helping companies and their employees reduce the disruptive drama that gets in the way of effective problem solving. The impact of unhealthy friction drops directly to the bottom-line and creates cultures where people can’t wait to leave.

Initially, we work primarily within the communications departments—corporate communications, marketing, advertising, PR, digital—because communications (lack of communication, inept communication, mismanaged expectations, etc.) drives the bulk of disruptive drama. These champions then carry our work throughout the organization to increase its impact.

Our Corporate Life is founded on the belief that acting humanely and achieving business success are always compatible. 

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Amanda Mitchell and her team at Our Corporate Life help companies address workplace dysfunction, politics, and bureaucracy. How? By working one-on-one with senior executives to increase leadership skills and working with teams to improve management processes. This results in solutions that stick.

About Amanda Mitchell

Amanda Mitchell is the founder & CEO of Our Corporate Life (OCL), a company that focuses on quickly reducing the disruptive drama that their clients are experiencing.

Early in her advertising career, Amanda worked within vast bureaucracies that rewarded poor management and sacrificed profitability by burning people out rather than addressing the issues that were getting in the way. A practical problem solver, she recognized quickly how profoundly the happiness and productivity of employees affected the bottom-line.

The OCL solution reflects the insight and experiences gained from a 20-year corporate advertising career working with Fortune 500 companies and as an executive coach to senior-level corporate executives.

Amanda has traveled to 33 countries (and counting!) She loves all things related to culture, travel, and learning how people tick. She has a BA in advertising from Michigan State University and lives in New Jersey with her family.

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