What Our Clients Say

"We grew by acquiring independent hospitals, each with their own culture. While hoping to gain economies of scale, instead we found behaviors that cost us significant time, money and resources—both internally and externally. We hired Our Corporate Life to identify, uncover, and help us resolve the issues that were draining our bottom-line. Within 6 months, we had key issue agreement, processes that our people helped create and were invested in, and a much healthier environment. I highly recommend them.”
Jean Hitchcock
Former CMO, MedStar Health, $5.6B Regional Healthcare System
"When asked for my assessment of my coaching experience with Amanda, I told management that the value I gained was worth more than my annual bonus.”
Dan Smith
General Manager, Advertising, Syneos Health Communications, 6th largest communications company (by revenue)
"Amanda is light hearted and funny while at the same time being very effective. Her insight into work situations is quick and she has actionable solutions readily available. The training her group conducted helped me shift how I understood situations, behaviors, and communications in order to be more effective in building relationships and creating teams.”
Carey DeMatteis
Director, Financial Analysis, healthfirst
“...the real-world experience [and] perspectives on issues were helpful; she could easily relate, break them down, discuss and process them with me to arrive at relevant, pragmatic solutions, which I then put into action.”
Paul Kingsman
Financial Consultant, Olympic Medalist, New Zealand
“I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda for many years – both being coached and having her coach my team – and I have consistently found her counsel tremendously valuable. She is able to quickly diagnose a situation, provide valuable perspective and give practical advice resulting in sustainable solutions.”
Amanda Mitchell and Our Corporate Life’s graphic of Julie Adrian
Julie Adrian
Managing Director
“I have nothing but positive experiences to share during my work with Amanda. At first, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical; being in such a challenging position, it was hard to visualize what success would look like coming out of these sessions. Amanda was personable, easy to talk to and very intelligent. It was easy to take her advice because she built a valuable level of trust early on. She helped me recognize behaviors that were having a negative impact on how I perceived my work, and together we identified solutions that were quickly measurable. I feel better going into work every day knowing that I’m better equipped to handle stressful situations that form part of our everyday work lives.”
Amanda Mitchell and Our Corporate Life’s graphic of Sasha Gruber
Sasha Gruber
Communications Manager
Paul Kingsman

“I chose to work with Amanda because of her real-world experience. I was glad I did…”

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John Caspole

“Amanda is a winner!…She keeps her commitments, holds you accountable and seeks a win win situation for all.”

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Cori McKeever

“I can say without reservation that I grew professionally from the learnings that Amanda and I uncovered…”

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Jennifer Gordon

“Amanda has an amazing ability to understand who you are and help you grow professionally.”

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Julie Adrian

“[Amanda] is able to quickly diagnose a situation, provide valuable perspective and give practical advice…”

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Sasha Gruber

“I have nothing but positive experiences to share during my work with Amanda.”

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Sue Tougas

“[Amanda’s] counsel, knowledge and ability to quickly assess situations and provide positive solutions, has been priceless.”

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Deborah Chima

“I am pleased to recommend Amanda as an executive coach. She quickly helped me achieve clarity with my business model.”

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Lorie McElroy

“Want to maximize your time spent on LinkedIn? I highly recommend Amanda’s webinar.”

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Bill McElhiney

“I recommend [Our Corporate Life Ezine] for anyone who works in advertising/marketing.”

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Lorraine Pastore

“I have found the Our Corporate Life ezine very worthwhile. It’s practical, relevant…”

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Sandra Schler

“In a very clear, friendly way, Amanda provided the tools to help me focus on what I really want…”

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Kristine Nash-Wong

“[Amanda] keeps you focused on practical strategies that work for both you and your business.”

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Meg Alexander

“Amanda is an incredibly helpful, independent sounding board who helped me navigate…”

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Tanya Jishi

“The experience was extremely beneficial and I truly believe I have become a better a leader…”

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Soledad Murillo

“I was able to make regular, positive changes so that I achieved my goals.”

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Christie Anbar

“I am now able to provide even more value to my company at less personal cost.”

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Emilie Schaum

“If you are a leader and not currently reading Our Corporate Life ezine you should be.”

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Van Adams

“[Amanda] provided practical strategies in a thought-provoking context.”

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Kimberlee V. Halligan

“Amanda presented a new and different perspective on figuring out what you love to do professionally…”

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Sue Rodin

“[Amanda’s] breadth of knowledge, her communication skills, and her professional acumen made a positive impression on our audience.”

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Jodi Green Kaplan

“[Amanda’s] expertise, professionalism and personality combined to make a very impactful presentation.”

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Tracy Gale

“Amanda has tremendous insight into Chandler Chicco Agency, having worked with employee at all levels.”

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Neera Chaudhary

“My executive coaching has been an invaluable experience. One that has helped me be more self-aware and better navigate my career.”

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