Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line

Athletes know that achieving peak performance involves striking a balance between training and recovery. You probably know that weight lifters exercise different muscle groups on consecutive days. That’s because muscle growth occurs on recovery day. If you’re constantly working with no recovery time, you’ll not only be inefficient, you’ll likely be cranky too. Try these tips.

Take Vacation
Set an example and take your vacation. There is never a good time for vacation, but figure out what works best for you, make sure your team is on board, and go.

Plan Mini-Breaks
In the office, set aside some time for yourself daily. Don’t always work through lunch. Go outside. Meet a friend. If you can’t get out, call a friend while eating at your desk. Ask about their day so you’re not rehashing work. Take a mental break.

Set Daily Deadlines
The first thing you should do when you get in is to figure out when you want to leave. It sounds crazy but having a firm deadline will help you stick to a specific departure time. Just make sure you leave the office. If this is hard for you, make plans with others—it’s more difficult to let others down than it is to let ourselves down.

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