Up Your Estimate

Up Your Estimate

How often do you complain about not having enough time? Part of the reason is that we underestimate how much time we actually need. The usual culprit is estimating in a vacuum and omitting the inevitable daily interruptions.

In order to create more accurate estimates, experiment to see how long things really take. When you start a project, figure out how long it will take. Set a timer for the specified time and see what happens. If you’re like most people, you’ll run out of time. Continue timing until you’re done. The next time someone asks when you’ll be able to deliver, use that new time estimate. Then make sure that you are able to deliver in that amount of time. If not, up your estimate.

Use your timer to keep from wasting time online. Give yourself a set amount of time to check email. When the alarm goes off, move on. It’s amazing how much more you will get done when you are hyper-aware of time passing.

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