Stop the Worry

Stop the Worry

People often dwell on difficult situations or specific issues. When that worry leads to an a-ha moment, you’ve got a productive outcome. How many times, though, do you replay the same situations over and over in your mind and don’t come to a solution? That’s a major energy drain.

T.D. Jakes, a pastor, author, filmmaker, and bishop of The Potter’s House, a nondenominational American megachurch, has a practical approach to get yourself off the worry treadmill. “If you find yourself going over the same scenarios without any resolution, allow yourself to do so three times. You may need to revisit situations in order to process them. Stop after you’ve done it three times. Because now you’ve moved into worry and that will just drain you. Instead take the situation and ask yourself ‘how can I get to a solution on this issue?’ That way you’re using your resources efficiently and can move on with your life.”

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