Knowledge Trap

Knowledge Trap

One of the hazards of having so much information available 24/7 is that it can impede action. We get trapped, thinking that we need to know more before we do something, and it becomes an infinity loop.

For example, most people understand that it’s important to keep your work network current so that it’s there when you need it. Sending an email to keep yourself top-of-mind with an acquaintance is an efficient and effective way to stay connected. Many people, though, get tripped up on the content. The thinking goes, “I should look to see what’s happening at his company so I have something to say in my note.” Perhaps you even do a search and learn something relevant. Then work gets in the way and reaching out to him falls to the bottom of your list. While it would be ideal to have something substantive to say when reaching out, the most important action to take is to make contact.

Say something like, “I was just remembering how much fun we had when we worked together at X and wondered how you were doing?” or, “Know how much you love b-ball, how ‘bout them Knicks?”

Remember action—not perfection—creates results.

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