Projecting Power

Projecting Power

Meetings are an ideal time to create/reinforce powerful perceptions. When you speak, lead with your conclusion and then follow with a brief rationale. Resist the temptation to provide a lot of backstory. Most people have very short attention spans. Give your 2 cents in the meeting and then stop. Purposeful silence can be very powerful. If more detail is important, let them ask. Over explaining often weakens the impact of your statements.

Use jargon for effect. Regardless of your personal opinion, jargon serves a purpose.

Subconsciously we all want to be with others who seem to understand (and validate) our worldview. Using jargon appropriately identifies you as someone to pay attention to. Topical business jargon is particularly important for those seeking to change industries or move into new positions. Pay attention to how thought leaders in your industry express themselves and incorporate similar language when appropriate.

Given the pace and sheer volume of items competing for attention, meetings are often one of the few places where influencers get a personal experience of you. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity.

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