Preserve “You” Time

Preserve “You” Time

With the boundary between work and personal life increasingly blurred, it’s easy to deprioritize your personal objectives. The irony is that having clear boundaries actually results in better work and a happier experience.

Manage expectations regarding your availability. Keep key people looped in so that you don’t hold up important projects or create work for others. Make sure you’re not sending mixed messages by emailing or texting when you said you would be unavailable. If you feel compelled to write emails, do so but schedule them so they show up during business hours.

Before jumping into work mode when you get into the office, take a moment to think about what you want/need to accomplish for yourself that day. Maybe it’s keeping your network alive by dashing off a quick note or scheduling a coffee or drink date. Or catching up on industry news. Or moving a major work project along before your day gets consumed by other priorities. Block the time and get your important work done first.

Sometimes you need to prioritize work at the expense of your personal relationships. However, staying connected to the people and activities you enjoy gives you energy and helps keep you from feeling exhausted and drained. By making time for friends and loved ones, you’ll actually be more effective and efficient at work.

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