The Blessings of Business

The Blessings of Business

As we give thanks this week with our family and friends it provides a chance for us to appreciate how many good things corporations provide.

Working at a corporation gives you with the opportunity to:
• meet our basic needs—and ultimately the freedom to explore our own interests as our income increases;
• make new friends and build lifelong relationships—meeting people you may never have had the chance to otherwise;
• learn about new cultures — via your coworkers, your clients and the collaboration and travel necessary to get your job done;
• be exposed to new ideas and different viewpoints—expanding your world beyond your own personal experience; and
• to have a bigger impact on the world than you can alone—aligning with a business that reflects your values can be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Beyond the personal benefits, corporations provide us with:
• the means to drive our country’s economy—creating a cascade of benefits to society, everything from increasing an individual’s feeling of self-worth and identity to funding social programs to help the less fortunate;

• the ability to solve important problems that increase quality of life for millions—creating new products, medicines, policies–as the best and the brightest are provided with the resources and focus to address critical issues; and
• the satisfaction of making a significant difference directly through our–and our teams’–efforts.

These are just a few of the many benefits businesses provide…what are you thankful for?

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