Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy Book Cover Good Strategy, Bad Strategy
Richard P. Rumelt
Business & Economics
Crown Books

Review: Strategy is probably the most misunderstood business concept. If you’ve ever been told to be “more strategic” (particularly by a manager who can’t define what that means), this book is for you. It does an excellent job of clearly defining strategy and giving real world, easy-to-understand examples of both good and bad strategy. The author untangles strategy from other concepts that often masquerade or are confused as strategy eg performance objectives, competitive goals, etc. and helps the reader identify symptoms of bad strategy.

It’s interesting, thought-provoking, contrarian in many respects, both theoretical and practical—in fact there’s so much in this book I plan to reread it at least once if not more. Well worth your investment.

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