Staying Fresh

Staying Fresh

The sheer volume of issues that come across your desk can easily narrow your day to going from one problem-solving situation to another. While helping your staff to solve their problems (and you are letting them solve their own problems, right?!) is one of your key deliverables, it’s important that you keep your thinking fresh.

Shake things up by taking easy steps like changing your route to work or your route within your building. When you commute on autopilot you’re not engaging your mind with your surroundings. Drive or walk on a parallel street. Take a different route to your coworker’s office. Not only will you start to stimulate your brain differently, you’ll come across different people in your office.

Change your information inputs. The online algorithms meant to serve up content that is most useful to us has had the unintended consequence of steering us toward articles that reflect our own ideological preferences, and search results usually echo what we already know and like. You can easily end up insulated from differing opinions, people, and ideas. Search out different sources of information. Ask others where they get their news. Broaden your perspective.

Stay on top of industry trends. Block 15 minutes every morning to check out the google alerts you’ve set, to read the latest from Seth Godin or another thought leader, to listen to the latest TED talk.

One of the best outcomes from these habits is that you’ll not only have fresher thinking, it’s likely you’ll feel much more energized and positive because you have a broader perspective.

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