Prevent Distractions

Prevent Distractions

Distractions come from emotions, thoughts, sounds, and interruptions—which happen constantly. To train yourself so that those distractions don’t hijack your focus, try the ABC method.

Authors Dr. Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore describe the practice as (A) being aware of your options so you understand your choices; (B) breathing deeply to give yourself a moment to consider your options; and (C) choosing thoughtfully. You want to be mindful of what is drawing your attention so you can consciously redirect yourself. When you recognize your attention is wandering, try ABC. Over time it will become habitual when you cue your mind that you need to focus.

Experiment by setting up one-hour “distraction free” meetings with your team where everyone is expected to contribute thoughtfully and distractions (like phones, laptops, etc.) are banned. A group experience of focused attention—and the benefits that result—will help everyone develop the skill.

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