Phone Interviews

Phone Interviews

Many hiring managers use phone interviews as a way to narrow the applicant pool. Use these strategies to make sure you get to the next step:

  • Focus on your objective. Your immediate goal is to get to the in-person interview not to get hired. The interviewer is trying to rule out people who don’t fit specific criteria. Plan how you’re going to show how your experience matches the requirements of the job.
  • Articulate clearly. When you’re on the phone, you lose one of the most powerful communication tools: non-verbal communication. Make sure you have thought through the best way to express what you have to offer.
  • A good way to assess how you come across is to leave an interview response on your voicemail. Answer a few typical questions such as: Why you are interested in the job, where your skills overlap with what is needed in this new position and why you would consider leaving your current job, etc.? Are you clear? Concise?

Finally, remember that you’re having a conversation so leave room for the interviewer to ask questions and comment. You don’t have to use everything you’ve prepared.

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