Online Meetings

Online Meetings

When you’re meeting online it’s easy to forget that you’re more visible than you would be in a face-to-face meeting. Most people know to position their webcam to a flattering angle. Also consider what else is visible.

Make sure confidential materials are out of sight—technology makes it easier to zoom in on different parts of the screen. If you have anything in your office that could be misinterpreted to your detriment—for instance, something related to an inside joke that might give the wrong impression—remove it. Your behavior is also more obvious so when you’re multitasking, distracted, or making faces when someone makes a point you disagree with, remember it’s going to be seen.

From a more practical standpoint, make sure you mute your microphone using the web software (not just your mic itself) when you’re on a webinar. Otherwise your name will appear onscreen when you make any type of noise. Remember to quit out of the meeting software completely afterwards. You’ve probably heard horror stories about post-meeting behavior inadvertently being broadcast. It’s only funny when it doesn’t feature you as the “star.”

Make it easy to remember these best practices by making a note immediately before the meeting notice to do a quick check (ideally, do it when you accept the meeting). Move something from your desk to the floor to remind yourself to completely quit out of the meeting. It sounds silly but it’s guaranteed you won’t forget to do it when you step on your stapler!

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