Practical Tips: Handling Ambiguity

Practical Tips: Handling Ambiguity

Most people have difficulty dealing with uncertainty. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when there isn’t a clear picture of what’s happening. However, ambiguity can sometimes paralyze people; in an effort to reduce perceived risk, we may shut down options in order to exert control wherever possible. This rarely produces a good outcome.

Challenge the assumptions you’re making when you find yourself in this situation. Is whatever path you’re considering really risky? Or are you just uncertain of the outcome? Are you viewing the world through a lens of fear? If so, you’ll see risk everywhere and will be in constant reaction mode, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s a cycle without a clear ending.

To create certainty, you must adopt the persona of the certain person. Become certain. Pretend if you have to—it’ll help you, and most importantly, it will help your team to function much better. You’ll stop wasting emotional energy on things you can’t control. The best thing about seeing yourself as someone who knows what’s happening is that you’ll become what you think you are.

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