Creating a Pro-Sleep Culture

Creating a Pro-Sleep Culture

pro sleep cultureNumerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation impairs concentration, judgment, decision-making ability, and memory. Smart leaders are looking to encourage normal sleep in order to get a business edge. Here are some simple things to try:

  • Work around your team’s “clock gene” or chronotype. Early birds will perform optimally earlier in the day than night owls. Try to schedule important presentations accordingly or manage work schedules around their biological preference.
  • Install blue-toned white lights in the office to boost alertness and productivity during the day. Just make sure that you don’t have a late-night shift exposed to that blue light because it inhibits your body’s production of the sleep-triggering hormone melatonin.
  • Send appropriate signals. Late-night emails literally “send a message” to people regarding what is expected. Either use the “delay delivery” option on your Outlook or set clear expectations with your team that you don’t expect them to respond right away.

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