Sound bites can provide a career boost or on-the-job help

Sound bites can provide a career boost or on-the-job help

Sound bites can provide a career boost or on-the-job help

New York, NY – July 1, 2011 – An expert in career strategies and corporate life says we can get a career boost or help on the job from ‘sound bites’

The media has conditioned us to expect information in manageable sound bites, and most people prefer them, but while we’re not celebrities or newsmakers, Our Corporate Life career guru Amanda Mitchell says we can leverage this communication style to our advantage by creating sound bites that serve our own needs.

How? Mitchell says sound bites can be used as the focus of two powerful strategies:

Reinforce Your Personal Positioning
Just like a product consistently reinforces its branding, so should you. Casually and consistently drop yours into conversation. For example, “Well, you know me, always building connections to amplify experiences.”

Reframe Challenges
Help yourself and your team manage through tough times by putting challenges in context. If you’re in the midst of switching protocols or systems, rather than assume everyone will attribute their heavy workloads to the switch, name the challenge and create a vernacular to acknowledge it. You can state this in a team meeting first: “As we’re switching systems, we will be working in parallel worlds, doing the same work in both systems,” and then reiterate it as issues come up – for example, “Well, in this parallel world situation this is something we’d expect.”

“Sometimes the less said, the better – particularly when you are communicating a powerful message,” says Mitchell.

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About Amanda Mitchell and Our Corporate Life
Amanda Mitchell is the founder of Our Corporate Life LLC (www.ourcorporatelife.com), a company that offers a new system for reducing unnecessary workplace suffering caused by the organizational, interpersonal, and ethical issues of our time. Our Corporate Life is founded on the belief that adhering to core human values and achieving business success are always compatible, a belief crystallized during her corporate career each time she witnessed a company sacrifice profitability by wasting human capital. Subscribe to the Our Corporate Life® biweekly ezine (www.ourcorporatelife.com/subscribe) for tips on how you can thrive in the workplace.

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