Practical Strategies to Help Executives Feeling Trapped in Their Career

Practical Strategies to Help Executives Feeling Trapped in Their Career

Practical Strategies to Help Executives Feeling Trapped in Their Careers Discussed in Free Teleclass

NEW YORK – August 12, 2010 — Most high-achieving Corporate Executives reach a point in their careers when the strategies that have helped them achieve their success no longer work for them, leaving them feeling trapped in their jobs. In fact, their “go to” strategies actually start working against them. Virtually all of them learn “the hard way” how to get through this experience but seasoned Executive and certified Professional Coach Amanda Mitchell recognizes that it doesn’t have to be so difficult, and has a unique approach to easily get these high achievers unstuck and able to move forward – and it doesn’t always mean that they have to change jobs.

Amanda Mitchell, who has worked with hundreds of senior level executives in Fortune 500 companies, has a proprietary method to identify exactly what is keeping executives stuck. Using a practical, results-driven process, executives are able to change their perspectives to see both how they are getting in their own ways as well as identify new opportunities for themselves. Mitchell has helped hundreds of working professionals successfully navigate their careers over the past ten years as an ICF certified professional coach.

“More than ever, Corporate Executives are feeling a lack of control over their careers and fear about the future. Every day, I speak with people who feel like they don’t have options, that they’ve lost control of their working lives. I want to help them learn how to get back that sense of control.” Her teleclass, “Taking Control of Your Career: 5 Keys to Getting Unstuck and Back on Track,” is free with limited availability. When participants sign up, they’ll learn the dynamics around what is keeping them stuck and walk away with actual techniques they can immediately implement.

“I created this process based on my own experience as an SVP in my ‘dream job’ within a major advertising network and have applied it over and over again with Corporate Executives. My approach is effective, does not require a huge investment of time, and will help you stay on strategy as you move forward toward your ideal situation. I’m going to teach my process to you so you can quickly learn from my mistakes.”

Clients who have worked with Amanda express deep conviction in her process.

Advertising executive David Ramlal was able to better manage his responsibilities by taking small steps that have had a major impact. “I was skeptical that I could actually make any change, but I’m already seeing results [and] am better able to manage my own time and the time of my team members.” Jennifer Ryan, Global Director of a Fortune 100 Company reported that “six months later the process is still working for me. I have changed my core belief and no longer believe I have to change careers in order to be happy. It’s more about making a good living, doing what I know best and creating a decent work/life balance. I work for one of the best companies in the world, have a good job, have friends I love around me at work—I’m happier than I ever realized!”

Senior executive Kate Dooley was able to change her perspective on her situation allowing for personal and professional growth. Less than two months after working with Amanda in the fall of 2009, she started a new job that better meets her needs.

Check out “Taking Control of Your Career: 5 Keys to Getting Unstuck and Back on Track,” Thursday, August 19, 8pm EST. Don’t worry if you can’t make the call, you can still sign up to receive a free recording, www.takingcontrolofyourcareer.com

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