Decency at Work

One casualty of our over-stimulated, stressed-out times is basic decency toward others. There is often so much pressure to achieve our work goals we don’t consider how we interact–and what our actions lead others to conclude about us. It’s all about getting things done. How often have you been asked “how are you?” knowing that …

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How Apple’s Intros Contributed to Jobs’ Reputation

All eyes are on Apple as they launch their first new product without Steve Jobs at the helm. Apple’s “ta da” approach to introducing new products has been an essential ingredient in creating Mr. Jobs’ reputation. Now a new study provides proof supporting this contention. “Managerial Mystique: Magical Thinking in the Judgments of Managers’ Vision, …

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We Get What We Value

It’s no surprise to those in the corporate world that business and management issues have become increasingly complex and frequent in number. The sheer volume of daily decisions required just to keep pace with the routine aspects of business is daunting. Determining the best business solution when technology, economic pressures and customer expectations continue to …

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Our Deficit of Trust

As the latest WikiLeaks controversy rages, I think an important point is being overlooked. Regardless of your politics or position on the decision to force transparency by disclosing confidential information obtained anonymously, what the exercise really highlights the deficit of trust we have in our leaders and institutions. While we are starved for leadership—people who …

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