Conscious Business by Fred Kofman

Conscious Business by Fred Kofman

Conscious Business Book Cover Conscious Business
Fred Kofman
Business & Economics

Review: I loved this book! Don’t be put off by the title—this is not a “New Age” tome. Fred Kofman makes a compelling case for consciousness as key to organizational greatness. "Conscious business” he says, means finding your passion and expressing your essential values through your work. By promoting the intelligent pursuit of happiness among all stakeholders, conscious business produces sustainable, exceptional performance.

Kofman is a great teacher and his conversational style works particularly well in the audio version of this book. He seeks to engage you in the conversation and show you his thinking—unlike so many authors he doesn’t pretend to have all the answers which makes his wisdom even more impactful.

It’s hard to characterize this book—it’s a business book with powerful strategies for individuals. It will help you become a better leader and person. It’s practical and idealistic. It references real-world situations and gives you tools for looking at things differently enabling new solutions. He cautions that while the concepts he teaches are simple on the surface, they are initially difficult to implement. However, he makes a compelling case for the benefits of trying.



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