Should I get my MBA?

Should I get my MBA?

I am wondering whether I should get my MBA. I feel like I’ve plateaued at work and know that I need to make some changes. Do you have any advice? J.M., Chicago, IL

It’s really smart to understand upfront why you are pursuing an MBA. From the way your question was phrased, it sounds like it’s because you’re feeling like your work situation is stagnant. Are you assuming it’s because you don’t have an MBA? If so, test your assumption before you invest your time, energy, and money.

MBAs don’t provide the advantage they once did because advanced degrees are much more common now. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pursue one; just be clear about what you are hoping to get in return. Does it give you more options, is it the key to a promotion, or is it a necessary credential for your long-term career?

Once you’ve decided, look at the practicalities. How are you going to afford tuition? Can your employer help? Will you continue to work and go part time? Are you comfortable assuming debt for school? Don’t forget that school is work. You’re going to have to learn to study again. You’ll be taxing parts of your brain that you don’t use at work so it will take energy and drive to navigate school successfully. If you don’t have the bandwidth, wait until you do. Good luck!

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