I’ve not been promoted and am thinking of leaving. Thoughts?

I’ve not been promoted and am thinking of leaving. Thoughts?

I really like my job but I should’ve been promoted months ago. My manager seems supportive but nothing has happened. I’m getting really angry and thinking of leaving. What do you recommend? A.D., New York, NY

There are many factors that affect the decision to promote someone. First, the decision also needs to be supported by people other than your manager. That’s why it’s important to make sure that people understand your value (without being obnoxious about it).

And as you probably know, companies function on fiscal cycles. That means that there are certain times of the year when money becomes available for raises and promotions—assuming the company has made their financial goals. Sure, there can be exceptions, but they are usually rare and always take into consideration how valuable you are to the business.

Also, to maintain profitability, companies usually identify a dollar range for different job types. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your expectations are realistic. Go online and check around to figure out a reasonable range. Whether you think it’s fair or not, it’s how business functions.

Your manager may have their hands tied by one of these factors. Or, you may be reading into his/her actions. You say your manager “seems” supportive. It’s time to find out. Be open to the feedback you hear. Regardless of whether you agree with it, it’s the perception management is acting upon.  

It sounds like your anger is premature. You don’t have enough information to know whether it’s justified. Even if it is, anger is rarely helpful in advancing your agenda. I recommend that you spend your energy gather facts, validating your assumptions, and determining the path you want to travel.

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