My new manager is a number cruncher. Help!

My new manager is a number cruncher. Help!

My manager has rotated to another group and will be replaced by a total number cruncher. I am disappointed because I learned a lot from my manager and don’t think a numbers-only approach is the absolute best way to manage. What should I do? J.M., New York, NY

Look at the assumptions in your question. You’re assuming that your new manager has a philosophy of numbers trumping all other measures, that s/he is one dimensional in their management style, and that you will not learn anything from this person. That’s a lot of assuming before you have any direct experience.

Why are you so worked up? Are you uncomfortable with your prowess with numbers? Are you concerned you won’t measure up to a new manager? Do you believe you can’t be successful without your former manager? Look at your behavior to understand what is going on.

Try to come to this new experience free of biases. Look for what you can learn from this new relationship. Ask yourself how you can be of service to your new manager. What can you do to get him/her up to speed quickly? What expectations do you need to manage?

Shifting your focus to what you can do to make this a successful experience will increase your chances of making it so. Regardless of the outcome, focusing on the positive and working to be helpful will reduce the amount of mental energy you’re wasting on negativity and potential bad outcomes. As my mother used to say, “Don’t borrow trouble.”

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