Personal Downturns

Personal Downturns

It happens to everyone. Everything is going well and then all of a sudden you’re in a slump and it seems nothing is working for you anymore. The danger is when you start to question your progress to date in the middle of a slump.

First, realize that slumps are normal. Look no further than your favorite sports team. Not one has ever won a championship without having had periods of drought. What do they do when they’re in a slump? They switch things up. Do they need to change their pitching lineup? Bench a player that’s playing hurt or underperforming? What do they need to do differently? Follow their lead.

For instance, assume your dissatisfaction is because you are bored. Change it up. Take on a new project, find a mentor, or use your “extra” brainpower to build your network. It’s never a bad idea to meet new people, learn what’s happening in your industry, and reconnect with your colleagues.

The key is to shift your focus from your concerns to others in order to regain your energy and momentum. Take action to limit the energy drain you’re experiencing.

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