Choose Your Story

Choose Your Story

choose your story imageBestselling author Seth Godin was interviewed recently and shared some interesting insights. Specifically, he noted the tendency we all have to track our errors and failures—the times we messed up, the missed opportunities, the one that “got away.” You usually track things as a measure to help yourself improve, but does keeping track of what went wrong make you a better person? Or, as he believes, does it create artificial limitations that keep us confined and limit our happiness?

What if you tracked your wins, the times you took a risk, helped someone out, or achieved your goal? It will transform how you see yourself because you’ll be defining yourself by the impact you make. And if you don’t like the story that your “wins” are telling, you can change them. You have total control of what you focus on—which is incredibly powerful.

As you change the story of your life merely by focusing on the positive outcomes you’ve achieved, your attitude, energy, mindset, and focus will shift. Your limiting self-beliefs will fall away in the face of actual proof, and you will be able to create a life that better reflects who you are and what you want.

Why not track your wins today?

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