A Holiday Wish

A Holiday Wish

It’s not news that this past year has been challenging for many—individuals, companies and our country. Unlike past crises though this one seems to have divided us, not brought us together.

For many, the focus has been on placing blame, shooting holes in proposed solutions and remaining on the sidelines waiting for someone or something to “fix” the system, the economy, or whatever we believe is not right. All behaviors that perpetuate these problems while creating new ones. It’s no wonder corporate suffering is so prevalent.

My wish for 2011 is that we overcome this divisiveness and choose to work together to make things better. When a solution is proposed, we acknowledge the intent of the person/group that created it, look for what is right about the solution and add our thoughts on how it can be made even better. We understand that these are our problems to solve and actively look for ways to add value, help others and make our world a better place.

Imagine how fantastic the world we be if those were our “go to” behaviors?

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