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FIFA’s “Not My Problem” Problem

“I know many people hold me ultimately responsible … (but) I cannot monitor everyone all the time. If people want to do wrong, they will also try to hide it,” so says Sepp Blatter, FIFA President since 1988. This is

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MLK’s Impact on Our Corporate World

Few question the impact Martin Luther King Jr.’s leadership had on drawing attention to the American civil rights movement. Segregation and discrimination were a way of life for many until enough people challenged the status quo. So it is with

Decency at Work

One casualty of our over-stimulated, stressed-out times is basic decency toward others. There is often so much pressure to achieve our work goals we don’t consider how we interact–and what our actions lead others to conclude about us. It’s all

Penn State’s Unsung Hero

Speaking truth to power is essential in a democratic society. As questions about Joe Paterno’s legacy and NCAA sanctions consumes the airwaves, let’s not forget Vicky Triponey who stood up to Joe Paterno to ensure that all students are treated

Lessons from Ann Curry

There’s a lot to learn from Ann Curry’s behavior during the recent Today Show dust-up that led to her departure. For weeks a whispering campaign suggested that her performance was responsible for the show’s slide in ratings. Universally liked, Ms.

What is the real tragedy of Penn State?

As events unfolded last week at Penn State most people saw the situation as tragic. Exactly what they considered tragic was instructive and says a lot about the values we hold—both individually and as a society. Many saw tragedy in

The Inhumanity of Steve Jobs

In the tributes to Steve Jobs that have been made over the past few weeks I found it interesting that so little was said about how poorly he treated people. While there’s no debating that he was a genius of

How Apple’s Intros Contributed to Jobs’ Reputation

All eyes are on Apple as they launch their first new product without Steve Jobs at the helm. Apple’s “ta da” approach to introducing new products has been an essential ingredient in creating Mr. Jobs’ reputation. Now a new study

We Get What We Value

It’s no surprise to those in the corporate world that business and management issues have become increasingly complex and frequent in number. The sheer volume of daily decisions required just to keep pace with the routine aspects of business is

Our Deficit of Trust

As the latest WikiLeaks controversy rages, I think an important point is being overlooked. Regardless of your politics or position on the decision to force transparency by disclosing confidential information obtained anonymously, what the exercise really highlights the deficit of