The Self-Evolved Leader

The Self-Evolved Leader

The Self-Evolved Leader Book Cover The Self-Evolved Leader
Dave McKeown
Business & Economics
January 28, 2020

Bad habits die hard, even in fast-growth industries. In The Self-Evolved Leader, leadership expert Dave McKeown unpacks the most prevalent myths about running a business in fast-growth industries, carefully debunking the usefulness of longstanding tactics such as stepping in to save the day for your team--every day. Self-driven leadership evolution. Instead of offering the same tired, ineffective tips that just drain the mental resources of business leaders, McKeown outlines real skills, mindset shifts, and management rituals that you can implement every day to empower your people to perform at their highest level, no tedious oversight required. The book includes a comprehensive 15-week program designed to help you evolve your leadership style with the kind of flexible, adaptable best practices that work to deliver results, company-wide. The leadership practices outlined in this book can help you: * Break bad managerial habits and replace them with ones that work * Increase your company's agility in fast-growth industries ​* Create a culture of high performance in your workplace


Dave McKeown does a great job of promoting practical action by explaining how our ideas of leadership have evolved and making a case for what resonates now and where we may need to adjust—or perhaps even start over in how we lead.

McKeown takes a stepwise approach–laying out the principles of leadership which would be helpful to staffers with high potential as well as experienced leaders who want to hone their skills. He doesn’t sugar coat the challenges that exist in our current environment. However, he makes such good sense that tackling management challenges feels completely doable. It’s a must read.

Beyond the content, he does a great job working with all types of learning styles. It is clearly written, set up almost as a manual, and there are video summaries, additional resources, and even a Spotify playlist. If you’re not getting what you need from this book, don’t blame Dave!