My peer is now my boss, ugh!

My peer is now my boss, ugh!

Question: I have a new “boss” who used to be my peer. I can’t believe she was promoted above me! She doesn’t know what she’s doing and spends most of her time yapping. I love my job but can’t stand the thought of reporting to her. What should I do? J.M. Short Hills, NJ

First, the competition is over and she won. Griping about her behavior (“yapping”) and her competence (“doesn’t know what she’s doing”) positions you as immature and unprofessional.

She must have done something right to get the job. Perhaps her networking gave her insight into what management truly cares about and clued her into upcoming strategic changes. Whatever she knows, it’s worth learning.

You are playing a long game so if you truly love your job you should put your ego aside and stay. Learning how to suck it up and learn from someone you were once competing with is a handy skill to have.