No Regrets

No Regrets

You probably know at least one person (maybe it’s you!) that is risk-adverse. Studies consistently show that when we look back on our lives the most common regrets are not the risks we took, but the ones we didn’t.

Of the many regrets people describe, regrets over inaction outnumber regrets over action by nearly two to one. Some of the most common include not being more assertive and failing to seize the moment.

Action begets outcome. Outcome begets more action. You can only create or build when you make a move. Momentum builds through action. You can’t see the results you expect until you overcome your fear of starting and begin to take the first step at actually starting a new project, proactively going after a promotion, or pursuing the career you want.

Fear of not being perfect or fear of failure keeps people from taking what they perceive as a risk. The real world rewards those who create stuff and make things happen. Creativity flourishes when you don’t seek perfection but focus on getting stuff done. What you do matters, not what you think or say or plan. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. Give yourself space to think and wonder. And don’t be afraid of what might happen. You can always take another action. Remember that failure is not final. Every step you take gets you closer to your goal. Whereas staying in your comfort zone has zero possibility of accelerating your path.

You don’t have to have regrets when you can seize the moment today. The only thing worse than failure is not starting.

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