A Thanksgiving Thought

A Thanksgiving Thought

Listening to the responses of Medal of Honor winner Salvatore Giunta as he made the media rounds last week was a refreshing experience. One interviewer said what most were thinking, “if it were me, I’d be saying ‘look at me’. Yet you don’t want to make this all about you, why not?”

His answer?

“Honestly it’s not about me. Out of all the times I have seen combat in Afghanistan, I have never been alone. I’ve never been shot at alone. I’ve never been alone since I’ve been in the Army. And this is for everyone that I have served with…all the people who are out there every single day, giving everything they have for this country that don’t wear this [Medal of Honor] around their neck. Because there are amazing acts of bravery that just aren’t documented well enough to receive this award but it doesn’t change what they did.”

Thanksgiving is the holiday where we express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation. I’m thankful Army Staff Sgt. Giunta reminded me that no one person ever achieves alone. An excellent reminder in a society that so celebrates the individual.

Thanks Team!

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