What is Corporate Suffering?

What is Corporate Suffering?

Are you tired of having your reputation tainted by “problem employees?”

Is most of your day consumed by:

  • Dealing with unmotivated and disengaged employees
  • Ongoing employee conflict
  • Handling the impact of difficult employees

Then it’s likely you’re experiencing the very real impact of corporate suffering. You may not have heard the term before but undoubtedly you’ve experienced its effects. 

cor•po•rate suf•fer•ing [KAWR-per-it SUHF-er-ing] – concept

  1. The drain on innovation, energy, and profitability that result from politics, bureaucracy, and dysfunctional behaviors.
  2. The disillusionment, disengagement and distress people experience in dysfunctional workplaces that gets in the way of doing the job.

Why is it so prevalent?

Because corporate suffering is an inevitable outcome of individuals working within a system set up to see them as commodities. This disconnect gets in the way of getting work done. Why spend your valuable time and energy addressing the wrong problem?

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