Products and Programs Testimonials

Products and Programs Testimonials

Jennifer Ryan

“After you’ve been through TCCB, you will have a new way of looking at how and why you act/react to everything around you…”

David Ramlal

“I was amazed at how easy it was to make small changes that have had such a profound effect in my life.”

Julie Walsh

“I found it helpful to hear what others were experiencing. A lot of what we discussed was pretty eye-opening…”

Kate Dooley Knouse

“I was amazed to discover how [TCCB] impacted not only my professional life but my personal life as well.”

Kira Hillidge

“I found sharing experiences with peers in different companies and industries extremely helpful and insightful.”

Heather Warta

“I am far clearer on my personal and professional boundaries and have learned to take nothing personally…”

Deborah Newkerk

“This experience stretched my thinking in new ways and the group interaction and feedback provided new perspectives and clarity.”

Patty Bifulco

“I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get clearer on what they “bring to the party” so they can best leverage their talents in the workplace.”

Regina Shanklin

“Making a Living at What You Love was a great way to uncover your uniqueness, what drives you, and where to best utilize your talents.”

Charlie Miller

“[MLWL] provided specific tools as well as a way to approach articulating my interests and expertise in a compelling way.”

Rosanne Christie

“(MLWL) is like a magical mirror allowing you to see what makes you happiest.”

Allison Ramlal

“ALLOW YOURSELF TO WIN is a powerful tool that helped me identify and change certain core beliefs that were keeping me “stuck”.”

Leigh Calabrese Eck

“[Get Recognized for the Value You Bring] concepts will be a tiny voice in my head, filtering my experiences and guiding my behavior.”