The Komen Foundation Kerfuffle

The commotion surrounding the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision and subsequent reversal to fund Planned Parenthood activities illustrates several best practice anti-corporate suffering behaviors. 1. Be ClearKomen Founder Nancy Brinker originally stated that they changed their grant criteria for two reasons 1) flaws in their grant making process eg “the issue is grant excellence” and …

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One of the good outcomes of the assassination attempt in Tucson last week is that people seem to be seriously questioning how the hostile social environment we’ve created is impacting our society. Words create our thoughts and thoughts direct our actions. As people feel free to state inflammatory and hateful rhetoric without fear of retribution …

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Fear Based Messaging Sells—But Sure Doesn’t Help

Last night I watched “Unemployment and the 99ers” on 60 Minutes, a story about those who are still job hunting as their extended unemployment benefits (99 weeks) are about to end. I’m sure they got great ratings—and even better pass along viewership–because this kind of story allows everyone to bond together in the “it isn’t …

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