My manager says we’ll work together and then disappears, help!

My manager says we’ll work together and then disappears, help!

I work in a fast-moving environment. My manager constantly asks me to step in and help her, saying we’ll work together on something, and then when it happens, I end up doing it all. How can I address this? E.E., New York, NY

I’m wondering what it is you want to address. Yes, your manager is mismanaging your expectations by saying you’ll work together on your projects. However, it could be that she fully intends to work with you but then gets derailed—as opposed to doing it intentionally, as your question seems to imply. Regardless, as your manager, she’s expected to delegate to you.

Is the issue that the work is beyond your skill set? Do you not have enough information? If that’s the issue, then definitely speak up when she brings the project to your attention. Since your environment is “fast-moving,” get the information when she’s focused on the project so you can move it forward when it’s time to work on it.

One big benefit of lots of volume is that you’re exposed to projects that you may not otherwise have access to. This helps you develop your skills quickly and decide what types of work you enjoy (and don’t enjoy!).

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