I want to work in a place that shares my values. Help!

I want to work in a place that shares my values. Help!

In my office it seems that the men are promoted on their potential while the women are promoted on actual experience. This was true in my last (which was also my first) job too. The people who do all the work aren’t treated fairly. I want to work in a good place and am thinking of leaving. Any suggestions? K.N., New York, NY

Be careful when drawing conclusions, especially if you plan to take action based on them. In this case, it’s unlikely you have all the pertinent facts. This is not to say you should ignore systemic discrimination, but even if your supposition is true, how is simply changing jobs going to help you?

Start by evaluating what’s happening to you specifically. Focus on what you can control. How are you being treated? Are you learning, growing, and contributing? Is this job helping you develop skills that you’ll need in order to achieve your ultimate goal? Make your decision based on what is important for your career.

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