Boost Your Own Morale

Boost Your Own Morale

Paradoxically, this time of year can be hard on morale for many people. Often it’s because there are impossibly high expectations around the holidays. Or because people have looked back over their year and judged themselves to have fallen short.

Letting discouragement seep into your day will help no one, and at times you’ll need to be your own best friend to quiet that negative voice in your head. As Winston Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Now is the time to open the file you’ve kept of all your accomplishments (you have done that throughout the year, haven’t you?). The random notes you’ve received to thank you or acknowledge your achievements. The lists you’ve made of big projects you were particularly proud of. It’s very easy to forget everything you’ve accomplished, given the sheer volume of work you do throughout the year. Take a moment to be proud of how much you’ve done.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
–Winston Churchill

Go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll through your connections. Reach out to people you’d love to get together with. There doesn’t have to be a business reason. Given people’s schedules, you may not be able to see them during the holidays but then you’ll have something to look forward to, won’t you?

Think about what you want to accomplish going forward. What do you want to achieve? Desire attracts and gives us energy. Spend some time thinking about what goal or goals energize you.

Any time you feel down, you can do one or all of these things to change your attitude and pull your perspective up towards what brings you joy.

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