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March 28, 2017   •   Volume 8, Issue 6   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Just Say No
Ask Amanda: I think my team focuses on politics too much. Help!
♦   Practical Tips: After Giving Difficult Feedback
Just Say No

“I didn’t have enough time.” How often have you heard people blaming their failures on a lack of time? Maybe you even do it yourself. It’s not time that’s the issue though—it is a failure to prioritize and set boundaries.

Try these strategies to get control of your day.
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Thought to Ponder

Creativity follows commitment.

Practical Tips: After Giving Difficult Feedback

It’s no surprise that most managers—over 68% in a recent study—fear communicating difficult feedback. We know, though, that people thrive on feedback, especially high achievers. Everyone likes to know where they stand.
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  ask Amanda

I’m a manager and I completely disagree with the politics of my team. I think it’s getting out of hand and it’s starting to be the only topic that anyone speaks about. I’m hesitant to discuss politics because they all know that I have fundamental disagreements with their point of view. How should I handle it? B.N., Nutley, NJ

Amanda Mitchell

Before taking action you need to be clear on why you’re doing so. Are these political discussions having a negative impact on the team’s deliverables and morale? Or is it a personal issue for you? Create a list for yourself that details the impact you’ve seen and include examples. If there are negative work consequences, you need to take action.
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