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October 31, 2017   •   Volume 8, Issue 20   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Avoid an Obsolete Career Mindset
Ask Amanda: I’m afraid management doesn’t have my back, help!
♦   Practical Tips: Accelerate Your Leadership Skills
Avoid an Obsolete Career Mindset

A guaranteed way to avoid issues with your career path is by taking responsibility for it. In the past, companies invested in developing and advancing their staff. It made sense since most people stayed with a company for a significant amount of time. Today it’s your responsibility to establish your career goals and then figure out how you’re going to acquire skills and experience, and how to find the best environment in which to use them.
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Thought to Ponder

Choose your problems wisely.

Practical Tips: Accelerate Your Leadership Skills

One of the challenges managers have is upleveling their skills most efficiently. Mentoring is one approach, but most of those relationships are up to you to establish and nurture, which can be time consuming. With the pace and volume of work, it’s very easy (even with the best of intentions) to deprioritize your own development.
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  ask Amanda

I was brought in to shake up the team and inspire innovation. To say it’s been difficult is an understatement. The rank and file are totally resistant and I don’t feel management has my back. I’m afraid I’m going to fail. What should I do? R.M., Dallas, TX

Amanda Mitchell

The problem with being brought in to change things is that often those who need to be “changed” are unaware that they need to adjust their behavior. What has management done to explain your role and the need for it? Have they made it clear that they expect the staff will “play ball”? If they’ve not done these things, you’re right—you will fail.
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