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June 6, 2017   •   Volume 8, Issue 10   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Taking Ownership
Ask Amanda: How long should it take for my manager to get back to me?
♦   Practical Tips: Knowledge Trap
Taking Ownership

Many teams have members who work hard but behave more as “order takers” than as fully empowered staffers. Optimal teams are made up of members who treat their work as if it were a reflection of themselves, so that everyone is pulling their own weight. How can a manager encourage ownership when staffers are in the habit of bringing problems to someone else to solve?
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Thought to Ponder

The best self-help is self-compassion.

Practical Tips: Knowledge Trap

One of the hazards of having so much information available 24/7 is that it can impede action. We get trapped, thinking that we need to know more before we do something, and it becomes an infinity loop.
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  ask Amanda

I emailed a superior at 9:30 am, requesting a confidential phone meeting tomorrow or at some point this week. I rarely email him. I did not hear anything until 4:30 pm when he sent through a meeting invite and followed it up with an email saying, “No problem.” What are your thoughts on the response time? B.P., Austin, TX

Amanda Mitchell

That’s great news! He did exactly what you asked and actually went the extra step of scheduling the appointment. I gather from the way you framed your question, though, that you expected a faster turnaround time.
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