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April 12, 2016   •   Volume 7, Issue 8   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Becoming a Strategist
Ask Amanda: My boss has no clue what I do.
♦   Practical Tips: Shift Into Strategic Thinking
Becoming a Strategist

Transitioning from a tactical to a strategic role is one of the biggest leaps you’ll make in your career. If you’re being promoted within the same company it’s important for you to be aware that others will continue to perceive you as a tactician until you prove yourself. Try these communication tips to help you stay grounded in strategic thinking and to adjust how others perceive you.

  • Always lead with your conclusion. Tacticians tend to lead up to their conclusion and provide every detail along the way. That’s a great way to lose your audience. Leading with the big picture and providing details if necessary allows for the conversation to stay focused on the strategic. This applies to in-person as well as email communication.
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Thought to Ponder

Having a bad day is a choice.

Practical Tips: Shift Into Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a creative endeavor. When you need to shift from your routine work into strategic-thinking mode to solve a business problem, identify potential product improvements, or imagine how to best serve your clients, consider these techniques:

  • Apply lessons from other industries: Who else (regardless of industry/product/etc.) has had this problem and how did they deal with it?
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 ask Amanda

I am convinced my boss has no idea what I do—and doesn't want to know. He's supportive in terms of providing resources but because he's so detached he can't offer substantive advice. Any suggestions? M.M., Mount Prospect, IL

Amanda Mitchell

Many people would consider your situation ideal! Is he well thought of by management? If yes, I’d assume that he has a very high level of trust in you and your abilities, which is great.
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