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October 11, 2016   •   Volume 7, Issue 21   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Choose Your Story
Ask Amanda: How can I limit my time in unnecessary meetings?
♦   Practical Tips: Building Better Relationships
Choose Your Story

Bestselling author Seth Godin was interviewed recently and shared some interesting insights. Specifically, he noted the tendency we all have to track our errors and failures—the times we messed up, the missed opportunities, the one that “got away.” You usually track things as a measure to help yourself improve, but does keeping track of what went wrong make you a better person? Or, as he believes, does it create artificial limitations that keep us confined and limit our happiness?
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Thought to Ponder

You don't have to conduct autopsies on your failures.

Practical Tips: Building Better Relationships

How we choose to respond to others sets the tone of our relationships and can make us feel better about ourselves. Psychologist Shelly Gable created a theoretical framework to describe the four ways we can respond to good news. She identified active and constructive responding (ACR) as the most effective way to respond because it provides a positive outcome for both the deliverer of good news and the listener. (The other three ways include passive and constructive, active and destructive, and passive and destructive.)
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  ask Amanda

This is our busy season, which means that I can't afford to spend time in all the time-wasting meetings we have. Most of these are standing meetings—what should I do? C.A., Houston, TX

Amanda Mitchell

Regardless of whether it’s your busy season, I would imagine “time-wasting meetings” are not particularly effective, especially if they’re standing meetings.

The question is, are they really “time wasting” or are they an important aspect of the company in terms of things like driving perceptions, sharing critical information, or having key influencers in attendance?
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