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August 2, 2016   •   Volume 7, Issue 16   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Office Politics
Ask Amanda: How do I handle a needy co-worker?
♦   Practical Tips: Write Backwards
Office Politics

In today’s political climate it’s no wonder that many people view office politics negatively. Like many things, office politics can be perceived as good or bad depending upon intent. Bad office politics put the benefits of a few select individuals above the rest of the team or company. They may result in an unwarranted promotion, termination, or perhaps additional funding being transferred from one department to another. These politics not only create conflict in the workplace, but they waste company time, as people become more focused on how to get ahead instead of how to advance the company’s goals. 
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Thought to Ponder

Passion is the result of action, not the cause of it.

Practical Tips:
Write Backwards

What you include in an email, how you sequence the information, and what you write in your subject line can affect the quality and number of responses you receive.

Be as specific as possible in your subject line. Include dates, deadlines, need a response by …  so that your email stands out.
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  ask Amanda

I have a peer who is very insecure. She’s a lovely woman but she frequently asks me to review important emails before she sends them and when she’s made a decision she’ll often run it by me. She has a difficult boss and I want to help but she’s starting to feel like my direct report. Suggestions? B.P., Hoboken, NJ

Amanda Mitchell

You don’t mention whether or not her work is good. If you’re simply validating what she’s already done, it’s an easier fix. When she comes to you, instead of telling her what you think, ask her what her opinion is. If you agree with it, tell her it sounds like a good plan.
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