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April 14, 2015   •   Volume 6, Issue 8   •   ISSN: 2154-3240    
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♦   Feature Article: Avoiding High
Performer Decline
Ask Amanda: Why doesn’t management communicate in a timely manner?
♦   Practical Tips: Well Being at Work
Avoiding High
Performer Decline

Everyone wants to hire high performers but one of the factors few consider is that every top performer’s performance deteriorates over time unless they make a concerted effort to maintain and expand their skills. Just look at any professional athlete. Keeping their performance high is easy for them at first but it becomes a bigger effort over time. It’s the same with high performers at work.

Team performance generally settles at the level of the lowest performer, so it’s important to stay tuned in to your team and reevaluate your assumptions periodically. How can you make sure that the lowest level is still high?
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Thought to Ponder

Do the difficult first.

Practical Tips:
Well Being at Work

Sometimes work can literally make you sick (we’re talking physical not mental!) Follow these tips for a healthier work life.

  • Hang your cat in your cubicle (oops, a picture of your cat) :) According to research from the University of Exeter in England, those who decorate their work space are happier, healthier, and 32% more productive than those who don’t.
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 ask Amanda

I cannot for the life of me understand why it takes forever for management to communicate important information to us. We always know what’s going on before we’re “officially” told. What gives? K.K., East Rutherford, NJ

Amanda Mitchell

You know what’s happening beforehand because part of the decision-making process is evaluating the likelihood that decisions will be adopted. It’s the same reason the president releases his State of the Union address before he gives it.
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